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Bringing some activity.


Well, I joined this comunity some weeks ago (really? That much already? O_o) and I wanted to make myself useful bringing some activity here. ^__~

So I'd like to discuss some issues here...

You see... Mostly of Slayers fans want to make pairings with every character, no matter how. Actually, I'm one of those rare fans who doesn't like pairing characters. I like this or that couple (usually, it's canon) but that's all.
You know Slayers fandom isn't like that. People want to pair Firia with Xelloss, in spite the canon says it is totally impossible. I'm not going to discuss this, but the fact than actually we like quite the opposity. Firia with Var, the accident dragon.

My reasons are quite odd, actually. As I said before, I don't use to like pairing characters, and I usually like canon over fanon, mostly time... I just do not like figure out things than are clearly opposite to a story of a character.

But I like V/F. Why?
My reasons is mostly because along all "TRY" series I had the feeling there was some short of conexion between Var and Firia. Firia does care for Var, even more because she finds out than Golden Dragons, her specie, ends being like Mazoku. Golden Dragons are a Xelloss for Accident Dragons, very much alike Xelloss is, well, Xelloss, for Golden Dragons. Firia is totally overhelmed by that, and she cannot help but piting Var.
On the other side, Var notices it, and since he is such a punk, he tries he doesn't care... But the fact is Var cares for Firia even more than anybody else. Of course, Var hates Xelloss and Lina (I never understood why), and he just ignore the rest. But he is--- curious about Firia. He finds intriguing than Firia cares about him like that.

It's not romantic, it's not a "I love you" shoap opera story. It's a quite deeper story than that. Their relationship is one of the most complex sub-plots I've seen in Slayers. That's why I like it (pretty much alike I love ZA, for example)

It's my reason.

But, what do you think? Why do you like F/V?
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