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Broken Wings

no matter what distance separates us, i am at your side

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This is a community for fans of the characters and the relationship between Valgaav and Filia from Slayers TRY. This place, FYI, was not created by or for Xellos/Filia bashing, or any sort of bashing at all, in fact. This doesn't mean we crack down on people expressing their opinions in any way; it just means that we expect you to do it in a nice, polite, rational, and respectful manner. :D WIN!

Our sister community: xellosfilia, for all the Xellos/Filia fans out there, run by the lovely kuchenhexe.

kuchenhexe is also responsible for both designing and implementing our beautiful layout. A million thanks to her.

This list is for fans of Val and Filia, so while we don't mind peoples' ships, we'd also not like other community promotions or spam, please.